“… be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ …
Ephesians 5 v. 18-20

From everlasting you are God
Lacy Hudson and Lisa Clow
God moves in a mysterious way
William Cowper / K. Jason French
God is faithful
Lacy Condy & Bob Kauflin
God, the uncreated one
Aaron Keyes · Pete James (Christian)
God of grace, amazing wonder
Keith Getty & Jonathan Rea
His Robes for mine
Chris Anderson & Greg Habegger
Whate’er my God ordains is right
Samuel Rodigast (1676). Tr. Catherine Winkworth (1829-1878). Music: Keith Getty & Matt Merker 
A Christian’s Daily Prayer
Matt Merker, Jordan Kauflin, and Dave Fournier
What love, my God, would bring you …
My God is the Ancient of Days
There is one gospel
Christ is risen, is risen indeed
Keith & Kristyn Getty, Ed Cash
I belong to the Lord, I am not my own
Keith & Kristyn Getty, Skye Peterson
Come unto Jesus
Keith & Kristyn Getty, Jordan Kauflin, Laura Story
Christ our Hope in Life and Death
Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Jordan Kauflin,
Matt Merker, Matt Papa
God of Every Grace
Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa
I lift my eyes (Psalm 121)
Kristyn Getty, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker
‘Tis finished, the Messiah dies
Charles Wesley, John Kelly
As pants the hart for cooling streams
Nahum Tate, Nicholas Brady, Christopher Laws
We will trust God’s Word alone (Reformation Hymn)
Chris Anderson and Bob Kauflin
More love to thee, O Christ
Elizabeth Prentiss
I asked the Lord that I might grow
John Newton and Matt Merker
Grace that is greater than all our sin
Julia Johnston and Daniel Towner
All I have is Christ
Jordan Kauflin
My Hope is Built on Nothing Less (Cornerstone)
Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
See the destined day arise
Venantius Fortunatus & Matt Merker
O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer
Nathan Stiff
It was finished upon that Cross
Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson,
& Nigel Hendroff (City Alight)
Yet not I, but Christ in me
Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson,
Michael Farren (CityAlight)
O Great God of Highest Heaven
Bob Kauflin
Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
Matt Boswell et al
There is a higher throne
The Perfect Wisdom of our God
The Lord is our Salvation
Beneath the Cross of Jesus
Speak O Lord
When Trials Come
My worth is not in what I own
by Keith and Kristyn Getty
Across the Lands
In Christ Alone
Behold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)
Every Promise of Your Word
Come People of the Risen King
Out of the Depths I cry to you (Psalm 130)
by Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty
The Lord’s my Shepherd
The Power of the Cross
I will sing of the Lamb
See what a morning
Beautiful Saviour
There is a hope
May the Peace of God (Benediction)
Loved before the dawn of time
Let the Earth resound with songs of praise
by Stuart Townend
My hymn of praise (Forever Jesus)
by Matt Papa, Stuart Townend
He will hold me fast
by Ada Habershon & Matt Merker
His Mercy is More
by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell
Before the Throne of God Above
by Charitie Lees de Chenez (1841-1923)
Because He lives
by William J Gaither
All I have is Christ
by Jordan Kauflin
He was pierced for our transgressions
by Maggi Dawn
Jesus is Lord, behold the King of Kings
by Daniel Chua
King of Kings
by Jarrod Cooper
Day by day
Karolina Sandell-Berg
Come and See
Graham Kendrick