For Christ has entered,
not into holy places made with hands,
which are copies of the true things,
but into heaven itself,
now to appear in the presence of God on our behalf. 


Whether you are only enquiring into Christianity, or are already a steadfast follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be welcomed here.  We warmly invite you to join us for our Sunday services at 10:30am and 6:00pm. Parking spaces are available behind the church, accessed by the driveway along the right side of the church building.

Our service and activity times are as follows:

Thursday19 May 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Sunday 22 May 202210.30am
Worship ServicesEMF, Rogerio Ramos, Portugal
Tuesday24 May 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday26 May 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Friday27 May 202210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 29 May 202210.30am
Worship ServicesPastor Peter Law
Tuesday31 May 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday2 June 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Friday3 June 202210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 5 June 202210.30am
Worship Services and
Jubilee Lunch
Pastor Peter Law
Tuesday7 June 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday9 June 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Friday10 June 2022210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 12 June 202210.30am
Worship ServicesPastor Peter Law
Tuesday14 June 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday16 June 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Friday17 June 202210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 19 June 202210.30am
Worship ServicesPastor Peter Law
Tuesday21 June 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday23 June 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Friday24 June 202210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 26 June 202210.30am
Worship ServicesPastor Peter Law
Tuesday28 June 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday30 June 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible StudyTBS, Graham Chewter
Friday1 July 202210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 3 July 202210.30am
Worship ServicesPastor Peter Law
Tuesday5 July 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday7 July 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study
Friday8 July 202210.15-11.30Coffee Morning
Sunday 10 July 202210.30am
Worship ServicesPastor Peter Law
Tuesday12 July 202209.45-11.15Toddler Group
Thursday14 July 20223.00-4.30pmPrayer & Bible Study

Sunday services are also available via Skype if needed –
contact or Tel: 01255 851851 for details

Prayer Requests
If you are anxious and would like us to pray, you may email with your request.

The wearing of face coverings is optional but can help protect others, particularly among a large congregation. There are no legal restrictions on mingling, but please avoid creating a crowded indoor space and respect any who wish to continue social distancing.

In consideration of others, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, or a positive test result, please do not attend the services until you are fully cleared.

Click here, for our guidelines showing the steps we have taken to comply with government guidelines and keep the infection risk to a minimum.

If you are uncertain about attending in person at present, it is possible to join our service via Skype. Please contact

If you cannot join us on Skype, but would like to hear more of what the Bible has to say and its relevance, you will find links on this site to Sermons, Hymns and other Resources.

If you would like help with any questions you have, please feel free to contact us.